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Traffic Issues – Sycamore Road/Wilson Road

October 2022


Traffic Issues – Sycamore Road/Wilson Road


Dear Parents/Carers,


I hope that this letter finds you all well and can we start this letter by thanking you all for your support, it means a huge amount to us all.

We have recently received several complaints to our school offices regarding irresponsible and inappropriate parking in the areas around Wilson Road and Sycamore Road at the start and end of the school day.

Our priority is always the health and wellbeing of our children, staff and those in our local community. The concerns raised by our neighbours clearly show that people are being put at risk by the actions of some people, for example, nurses unable to access houses to deliver important medication, people unable to get pushchairs past cars parked on the pavement and residents’ cars being blocked in causing them to be late for work. This is really concerning, and we can’t allow this to continue.

We know that many our families drop off and collect their children in a responsible way that is respectful to our neighbours and the local community. We thank you for this.

It is essential that we find a solution to this problem.  Please think about whether you can make any small changes to your pickup and drop off routine to make sure everyone in our community can go about their daily activities in a safe and efficient way.

We encourage you to:

Walk to school where possible – this has the added benefit of involving exercise in your daily routine, contributing to a healthy lifestyle.

If you need to drive to school, please use the Hadley Stadium car park. This is located off Wilson Road, right next to Shireland Technology Primary and a couple of minutes’ walk from Shireland Collegiate Academy, and has over 60 available parking spaces.

We all need to work together to improve the situation in our local area. Please respect our neighbours and look after yourselves and each other by dropping off and picking up your children responsibly and respectfully.

We thank you in advance for your support and look forward to seeing an improvement for everyone very soon.

Yours sincerely

Sir Mark Grundy                                                                                  Mr D Irish

CEO Shireland Collegiate Academy Trust                         Principal

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