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Miss M Green


Moira joined Shireland Collegiate Academy in November 2023.

Moira brings a wealth of experience and a proven track record in leading schools to the role.

Mrs A Bell

Senior Vice Principal

Andrea joined the Academy in 2000 and has been Senior Vice Principal from 2021.  She joined the leadership team in 2010 and has held various roles within the Academy which have included Head of Pastoral and Head of Physical Education.  Andrea has previously been responsible for KS4 standards during which time the Academy was top in Sandwell for progress.

Andrea grew up and was educated in Northern Ireland before moving to the West Midlands to study Physical Education at the University of Wolverhampton and Birmingham.  

Her passion is ensuring that all young people, no matter their background or ability, can achieve the best that they can and, in doing so, open a wide range of opportunities. 

Mrs H Parwana

Vice Principal

Harj Parwana is Vice Principal at Shireland Collegiate Academy. She has been at the Academy for the past 17 years as Assistant Principal, Head of Faculty and Head of English.

Harj grew up and was educated locally in Smethwick reading a Degree in English at the University of Birmingham. Her passion for outstanding teaching and learning  and her belief that all young people, regardless of their background and starting point in life can achieve anything is unyielding. Harj sets the highest standards of herself and those around her, always striving for the best outcomes.

Harj is passionate about giving all students the opportunities to develop a love of reading literature and developing an understating of the power of how raising literacy levels unlocks access to knowledge that each child needs to succeed.

Mr T Daly

Vice Principal

Tom Daly is Vice Principal for Behaviour and Attitudes and joined Shireland Collegiate Academy in April 2022. Prior to joining the Trust, Tom had worked in another Sandwell school for 10 years as part of Pastoral and Senior Leadership Teams having previously worked as a teacher of English in Birmingham at the beginning of his career.

Tom firmly believes that good behaviour alongside an excellent attendance record are key factors in students fulfilling their potential. The BMS (Behaviour Management Services) team that Tom leads have the highest expectations of students’ behaviour and expect that staff should be able to teach lessons free from disruption. He is keen to work with students and families to ensure that young people get the most out of all of the opportunities afforded to them at Shireland. 

Mr L Fletcher

Assistant Principal with responsibility for Curriculum, Data Management and Standards in KS5

Liam Fletcher has worked at Shireland Collegiate Academy for just over 8 years. In that time he has been Head of Design and Technology, Senior Teacher and is now Assistant Principal with a particular focus on timetable, data and careers. 

Liam grew up in several different countries owing to his family working abroad. However, he originally comes from Derbyshire and studied at a local secondary school. Liam completed his degree in Product Design and Engineering with Bangor University, part of the University of Wales. Liam’s degree included QTS and is where his passion for working with young people began. 

Liam’s belief is that it is our responsibility to remove the barriers that exist for young people and provide them with opportunities to explore their skills, interests, to challenge themselves and explore the world of work. 

Mrs S Deane

Assistant Principal with responsibility for Standards in Key Stage 3

Sarahn Deane joined Shireland Collegiate Academy Trust in January 2020 after working for 27 years in Dudley schools. Starting in Dudley as an English teacher and moving on to Head of English she became an Assistant Principal with responsibility for Teaching and Learning and training teachers before moving on to Shireland.

Sarahn grew up and was educated in the Midlands, leaving the area to live in Yorkshire whilst completing her degree in English with History. Missing the red brick buildings and best accent, Sarahn returned home to complete a teacher training qualification at the University of Birmingham.

Sarahn believes that ensuring teachers have the best training and development leads to enhanced performance in classrooms. This, in turn, means that the young people in those classrooms benefit and achieve their best, fulfilling their goals and increasing their future prospects.

Mrs J Kaur

Acting Assistant Principal - Data Management and Examinations

Jagroop joined Shireland Collegiate Academy in 2016 and in that time has been Subject Lead for Mathematics, Head of Mathematics, Senior Teacher and is now Acting Assistant Principal with a focus on whole academy data management and examinations.

Jagroop grew up in the South of England and studied her degree in Economics and her Masters in Analysis and Finance at the University of Leicester. After university, she worked in various roles in the finance sector in London but was always drawn to the education sector and took the opportunity to complete a graduate training programme as a teacher of mathematics through the University of Hertfordshire.

Jagroop is passionate about working with students so that they can challenge themselves academically and personally to be the best version of themselves. She believes that all students have a skill and talent that can be harnessed through self belief and hard work.

Mrs S Bradford

Acting Assistant Principal - KS4 Standards

Sarah joined Shireland Collegiate Academy in 2012 as the Assistant Head of English, having worked for five years in a large inner-city Birmingham secondary school. Further roles at Shireland included the Head of English, Senior Teacher and is now Acting Assistant Principal for KS4 Standards.
Sarah was educated in West Yorkshire, leaving in 2002 to read English at the University of Birmingham. She completed her PGCE at the University of Worcester in 2007. Teaching allows her to combine her love of English alongside working with young people, helping them discover the world through the intricacies of the written word.

Sarah is committed to raising the aspirations of all young people, not only through pedagogical excellence but also through opportunities outside of the classroom that allow students realise their potential.

Mrs K Bates

Acting Assistant Principal - Pastoral

Kathryn joined Shireland Collegiate Academy in 2004 as teacher of dance. During her time at the academy, she has been Head of House, Head of Year and Director of Literacy for Life (Pastoral). Kathryn achieved the Leading Parent Partnership Award in December 2022 and was more recently a finalist at the National Awards for Pastoral Care in Education 2023.

Kathryn’s passion is the important role that pastoral care play in student’s academic success. She believes in collaboration with families, and the importance of the tripod to success – family, school and students.
Kathryn was educated in Hertfordshire and moved to the University of Wolverhampton to study Dance.

Ms T Rogers

Designated Safeguarding Lead

Ms S Cooper

SENCo / Designated Teacher for Looked After Children