Student Experience

Sixth Form

Our use of technology

Students are issued with their own laptop device to use during their time in Sixth Form. Students have full access to our online platform of study resources, including tailor-made class sites for each teaching group. This gives our students a fantastic opportunity to be flexible in their studies, in and out of lessons.

Specialist technology is a feature in many of our subjects. For example, industry-recognised CAD/CAM software is used in Product Design to operate our 3D printers. Computer Science and Maths use the latest software packages to provide an experience of undergraduate standard to students.

Our fantastic range of extra-curricular clubs and activities

We aim to ensure our students can access a wide range of extra-curricular clubs and activities to enrich their experience whilst in our Sixth Form. The list below shows a selection of the favourites!

  • Young Enterprise
  • Theatre School (acting, drama, music, backstage support roles)
  • Recreational sport/Performance sport
  • Voluntary Programme
  • Chess club
  • Body, Mind and Wellbeing
  • Student socials and charitable events
  • Staff vs student sports fixtures

Financial support

We believe that students excel when they are immersed in the Sixth Form Experience. Part of this includes financially supporting the rich array of trips and events that our staff organise. Recent events that we have supported include:

  • Art – Paris cultural trip, visits to Art Galleries
  • Science subjects – outreach events at local universities, subject specific lectures and seminars
  • Geography – field trips to North Yorkshire, Bristol, Dorset, London, Devon
  • Drama – backstage workshops at Birmingham hippodrome
  • Dance – workshop at Pineapple Studio
  • Product Design – Paris cultural trip
  • Travel and Tourism – cruise, workshops at British Airways, Dubai WEX
  • English – Theatre tickets

Sixth Form Funding Support

We are committed to ensuring that every student can access the education and training they need. The 16-19 Bursary Fund is available to provide financial support, tailored to individual needs, helping students overcome any specific barriers to their participation in post-16 education and training. This funding can assist with various costs, such as travel expenses, UCAS expenses, essential resources and any reasonable expenses required for students to fully engage in their chosen courses.

Click on the links below to see our Sixth Form Funding Support documents:

Our values and expectations

Shireland Collegiate Academy has a strong set of values and expectations, which are upheld in our Sixth Form and valued by our parents and families. We recognize that our students are preparing for the world of Higher Education or employment, and with that in mind, we have a number of privileges for our students. Our students are no longer expected to wear a school uniform. In order to prepare them for the world of work we have a business attire dress code. The students respond well to this privilege and understand how they are role models to the rest of the school.

Student leadership team

We have a pro-active, hard-working student leadership team who meet the Head of Sixth Form every week to discuss the running and development of the Sixth Form experience. We also have an active student rep team, who regularly attain the views of the whole student body and feed this into the student leadership team meetings. We are strong advocates of Student Voice.

Nurturing Independence

We want all students to leave Shireland Collegiate Academy Sixth Form as confident as possible to take on the world beyond Shireland. In order to achieve this, we have listened to and valued our Student Voice, and have adapted our approach to character development. The timetable has been adapted to allow students to choose how they wish to study in their afternoon independent learning sessions. We have dedicated work silent spaces, breakout rooms and options to work remotely for our Year 13 students.

“Choose your study spaces with the care you might choose your university course, your job, or I don’t know, your prom outfit.” Vespa.

Careers Resource Centre

Students have access to our designated careers resource centre, located on the first floor of the Sixth Form Block. Students can use a wide range of resources within the space, as well as book a one-to-one meeting with our Careers Adviser to discuss any aspect of their career ambitions. 

Guidance on Post-18 Pathways

Our students benefit from tailored UCAS support and continuous guidance for their post-18 career pathways. Our experienced team of tutors are here to provide bespoke assistance in pursuing your higher education, higher apprenticeships, employment or gap year aspirations.


We offer expert advice on UCAS applications, personal statements and CVs, ensuring you have the support needed to reach your goals. You can also expect individual tutorials and personalised assistance throughout the application process, making your journey to higher education or other opportunities a well-guided one.