Family Forum

Family forum

We are excited to extend an invitation to families to join the Shireland Collegiate Academy Family Forum Community meeting, a vital platform where your input and engagement play a pivotal role in the success of our Academy. 

Having achieved the Leading Parent Partnership Award in 2022, we recognise the significance of your voice and contribution in shaping the future of our educational community.  

These meetings provide you with firsthand information about the education system, policies, and curriculum. It is also an opportunity to engage in discussions within a comfortable setting, addressing challenges, community issues, and most importantly, receiving feedback from family members and community leaders. Through these interactions, we aim to foster cohesion and support all parties involved in the community of our Academy. 

The agenda for each meeting will cover various topics, including: 

  • Current updates 
  • School environment 
  • Student progress 
  • School improvements 


“Being a part of the Family Forum has been great and has allowed me to use my voice as a parent and a parent representative to help develop some of the school’s practices. And their ability to listen and accept feedback has drastically improved.” 

“I would also like to commend the Senior Leadership Team at Shireland Collegiate Academy for their openness and regular updates, especially during the pandemic. Not only were they informative but it also increased my confidence in the school and their decision-making.” 

“Keep up the great work.” 

Working Group Member – Parent  


“The teachers all go above and beyond to support students.  Support to all students is impeccable.  Help is always available to students.” 

“Very well organised school and is very apparent as to why they are such a well-respected organisation.” 

“My latest liaison with the school was last week at my child’s parents evening. I was extremely impressed by the smoothness of appointments and the feedback given about my child. From the five teachers that i met, I found them to be professional and fully supportive of my child’s academic welfare and of his general well-being.” 

“There is fantastic communication, openness and transparency between the school and parents/guardians.” 

“I do believe as a school they value their students and want the best for them!”