We want to create a fun and welcoming Academy where students want to attend every day. However, it can sometimes be a struggle and we look for parental support in ensuring students attend.

Attendance at the Academy is important as studies have consistently shown that students who attend better, achieve better. A student with 90% attendance will miss about half a year of schooling over the course of their time with us, or about half a day a week, and has a significantly reduced chance of gaining good examination grades or achieving their potential.

How do I report an absence?

If a student is absent, please contact the Attendance Office on: 0121 565 8819 and we will record this.  We will operate a first day calling system if your child is not in the Academy at morning registration to confirm that they are absent.  You can find more detail in our Attendance Policy.

When will leave of absence be considered?

As noted above, attendance to the Academy is very important.  Leave of absence will usually on by granted in exceptional circumstances and NOT for general holidays in term time.  There are crucial times of year, especially around examinations, where only the most extreme circumstances will be granted.

What is classed as an authorised absence?

Absences can only be authorised by your child’s school. Legitimate reasons for absence, include the following:

  • Medical or dental appointments (wherever possible these should be arranged outside of school hours)
  • Days of religious observance
  • Exceptional family circumstances e.g. bereavement

What is classed as an unauthorised absence?

  • Shopping trips
  • Waiting in for a delivery
  • Family birthdays
  • Visits from relatives
  • Family outings
  • Not having the correct school uniform
  • Family holidays

Parents often assume that they are automatically allowed to take their child out of school (especially during the last weeks of term) for a pre-booked family holiday. This isn’t true. Like any other absence, the Headteacher would have to give permission for you to take your child out of school for a holiday. Parents can be fined for taking their child on holiday during term time without consent from the school.


Good punctuality to the Academy is crucial for students to achieve their full educational potential.  It is also vital for students to form good habits for later life.  Punctuality records form part of references passed onto employers, colleges, and universities.

All students are expected to arrive punctually to the Academy in the morning and to each lesson throughout the day.  A register is taken at the start of the day during Tutor Time and at the start of each lesson.

Students arriving late are recorded and sanctions may be issued to students who are persistently late.