The Academy

The Academy

An Altogether better place to learn

Principal’s vision

I want a school where students are happy and achieve well above their potential, somewhere that they feel valued and important. I want to develop their awareness of their own health and wellbeing, physically and mentally. Our students should be ambitious for themselves and others and feel that they are capable of achieving their ambitions. We should develop students with a sense of pride in the Academy, who want to be involved in all aspects of academy life. Students who believe that they can and will improve their skills, knowledge, abilities and life chances through the practise of hard work.



The Trust behaviour principles of INNOVATION, COLLABORATION and INSPIRATION have driven the development of our curriculum and are the methodology that we use to deliver my vision for the students at Shireland Collegiate Academy. Our Trust’s values are embedded in the school’s vision. The infogram below illustrates how all of these combine to set out what our process is and the roles for staff and students to play in achieving the outcomes I have set out. 

Academy Values

At Shireland we have an amazing and dedicated staff body that supports students on their journey through Shireland. They are committed to providing a “world class education” and opportunities to demonstrate that, despite the challenges our community often face, that our students can compete and succeed at the very highest level. 

At the heart of this is an innovative academic curriculum that is connected and flows from Key Stage 3 to Key Stage 5. Our L4L curriculum has been developed over a 15 year period and has been published by Hodder Education and is quality assured by leading professionals such as Professor Mick Waters. 

Our academic curriculum is supported by a rich and vibrant extra-curricular programme that affords pupils the opportunities to express themselves and to strive to push themselves further. Whether this be in the Arts, Sports, subject based clubs, Debate Mate, F1 in Schools or one of the many other areas it is a perfect compliment and supporting mechanism to our academic curriculum. 

This is further developed with our Futures and enrichment programme within our Sixth Form. This gives a full personal development curriculum of opportunities all the way through our school. 

I am incredibly proud of our students, families, staff and of everyone associated with Shireland Collegiate for all that they do to support our school community. 

Miss Moira Green




Leading learNing; Aim higher

We believe in developing an ethos of learning for all stakeholders of the school community and creating a culture of innovation and challenge which combine to create the very best learning experiences that drive forward school improvement and raise standards.

Changing Attitudes; See FuRther

We believe that success is possible for every child, that high expectations are in place for every learner; that every pupil will make significant progress during their time at the school and that each academy has a strong, rigorous academic curriculum.

We recognise the importance of developing learners for life who will be able to build upon their primary education as they move through their secondary phase and beyond with a desire to expand their horizons and aspirations.

Promoting Cohesion; Be Concerned For All

Behaviour Values:

Underpinning our mission are our values – an expression of how we expect all our staff to behave to achieve our mission.

Innovate: We support aiming higher through innovation. Pushing the boundaries for learning particularly in the use of technology for an ever-changing world.

Inspire: We support changing attitudes through providing students and staff opportunities to widen their horizons, experience new things and learn in different ways.

Collaborate: We support being concerned for all through encouraging collaboration. We work hard to create environments where pupils and staff have opportunities to work together, sharing ideas and caring for each and every member of our community.