Online Safety

Students and Families

As exciting and enriching the internet may be, it is all too often brought to our attention the dangers and risks on young people. Due to current circumstances, and the increased time students spend behind a screen, we continually offer the opportunity for families and the Academy to work together to keep children educated about the dangers of the internet and social media.

Many students are unfortunately using sites that may be inappropriate due to age restrictions and content. Along with family support, we can collaborate in protecting your child from bullying, self-harming, sexual exploitation, grooming and general access to inappropriate and dangerous information.

Here at Shireland, we take online safety very seriously and as a Microsoft Showcase School, our students are privileged to use a device for their studies; through this we take pride in educating our students in safe use of the internet with our extensive subject, tutor and personal development curriculum.

As part of this mission, we invite families to join us for our annual Online Safety Evening for tips, guidance, and Q&A which is held early in the Autumn Term.

What Should You Do If You / Your Child is Being Bullied Online?

We would encourage all students / parents to speak up about any problems they are facing online by:

  • Speaking to your Tutor
  • Speaking to your Head of Year
  • Speaking to a member of the BMS Team
  • Speaking to any member of staff who you feel comfortable with

If you would like further information about Online Safety, this can be accessed via external links such as