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Year 13 BTEC Mock Examinations

October 2022

Dear Family


Year 13 BTEC Mock Examinations,

Wednesday 9 November – Thursday, 10 November 2022


Your child will be involved in BTEC mock examinations during the period stated above.  This is to help them prepare for their external examinations in the new year.

Students will be attending their normal timetabled lessons during this period unless they are in examinations.  If examinations are in the morning, your child needs to ensure they arrive at school no later than 8:45am for the examination to commence at 9:00am. If they have an afternoon examination, this will commence at 1:00pm and your child will take lunch earlier at 12:20pm to be ready outside the examination room by 12:45 pm. Your child will be dismissed from the examination room to either go straight to their period 5 or 6 lesson.

Please ensure your child attends this examination as these examinations will help ensure that your child is best prepared for their actual examinations in the new year.

Students can view their individual timetables online via Edulink. It is important for students to understand that it is their responsibility to know when they have examinations and where they need to be in order to sit those examinations.

Students also need to ensure that they have read all the JCQ Information for Candidates documents which are accessible on the Student Portal, under the examination information tab, prior to completing any examinations.

Students must adhere to the following basic expectations during the examinations, both now and in the Summer:

  • They must be on time to all examination sessions
  • They must enter the examination room with empty pockets
  • Mobile phones and electronic devices are not allowed
  • They are not allowed to wear a watch on their wrist in the examination room
  • Students must have a black pen
  • Students are only allowed water to drink in the examination room and this must be in clear bottle, the bottle must have the label removed
  • Students will be expected to leave all coats and bags outside the exam room
  • Students will not be allowed to leave the exam room during the examination at any point unless it is for a valid medical reason
  • Students must remain in the examination room for the full time of their examination

If you have any questions regarding this examination period then please do not hesitate to contact me at the Academy.


Yours sincerely

Mrs J Kaur                                                                                            Mr D Irish
Senior Teacher                                                                                    Principal

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