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Year 12 Return to Academy January 2022

December 2021

Dear Families,

Students returning to the Academy – Year 12

Tuesday, 4 January 2022

We have been informed by the Department for Education that on return from the Christmas holidays, all secondary school students should receive one onsite lateral flow test.

If you have previously given consent for your child to take part in onsite lateral flow testing, we will assume that you continue to give your permission unless you contact the Academy. For those that have not given consent but wish to do so, please click the LINK to give your consent.

Students will be tested once and will be asked to return home until Thursday, 6 January, when they will arrive at their normal start time and must enter the Academy via their normal entrance.  Following this, students will be required to test themselves at home twice weekly.

Key Information

We are staggering students’ return to the Academy – one tutor group at a time.  The process for your Year 12 child’s return Tuesday, 4 January is as follows:

  • Your child must enter the academy via the Year 7 entrance on Grange Road.
  • Each tutor group has been allocated an arrival time. Please refer to the table for this information.
  • Please be on time – not early or late. Your child should not attend with siblings or friends.
  • Any student arriving at the wrong time will be directed to return home.
  • Your child is to be in full academy uniform.
  • On completion of their test, your child will be asked to return home until Thursday, 6 January.
  • On Thursday, 6 January, students will follow our normal academy start and finish times and should enter via their normal entrance.
  • Those that have not given consent to be tested should not return until Thursday, 6 January.

Your Year 12 child is due to return on Tuesday, 4 January 2022. Please check the table below to see what time they are due to arrive.

12- CLN 12-FBY 12-JFS 12-RSH 12-KSN 12-RJU 12-HBS 12-MHE 12-AMR
11.45am 12pm 12.15pm 12.30pm 12.45pm 1pm 1.15pm 1.30pm 1.45pm

In the event that a student tests positive for coronavirus, we will contact families immediately. At this stage, you should contact the NHS and book a confirmatory PCR test.

Please remember that the tests that we are using (‘Orient Gene Tests’) are only for the purposes of identifying asymptomatic cases.  If your child is displaying symptoms of coronavirus, do not send them in to the academy and ensure that you follow government guidance around self-isolation.

If you have not yet provided your consent for your child to be tested, I would urge you to please do so.

Kind regards

Mr Irish