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Shireland Collegiate Academy Partners with Aim A Little Higher for Year 12 Empowerment Workshops

Shireland Collegiate Academy, in partnership with Aim A Little Higher, is on a mission to bridge the gap between education, business and the world of work; empowering sixth form students to aspire for the best. 

This initiative aims to equip students in year 12 with practical, real-world skills and cultivate a growth mindset that will serve as a strong foundation as they transition from education into the world of work or further study. 

The workshops, which launched this week, are specifically designed to help ensure students are well-prepared for the challenges and opportunities awaiting them beyond the classroom.  

The goal is to develop their curiosity for self-discovery and awareness, enabling them to fully explore their values, aspirations and personal brand. This will equip students to unlock their full potential and make informed choices that best align with their unique strengths and ambitions.  

The programme focuses on 5 key themes: 

  • Know Yourself 
  • Know Your Vision  
  • Build Don’t Chase (Build Your Own Brand) 
  • Basics of Finance 
  • Stand Out on Social 


These workshops will be delivered consistently on a weekly basis, offering students the opportunity to hone their skills and cultivate a mindset geared towards personal success and fulfilment. 

Liam Fletcher, Assistant Principal and Head of Sixth Form at Shireland Collegiate Academy, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, commenting: “We are excited to work with Aim A Little Higher to provide our students with the tools and inspiration they need to excel in the real world.  

“This collaboration aligns well with our mission to raise aspirations and prepare our students for a successful, but also fulfilling future.” 


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