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Pastoral Standards and Expectations

As we begin the final term, it is important that we continue to support students in meeting the high expectations the Academy has in relation to uniform, attendance and punctuality. Consequently, we will be running a series of inspections in these areas. Students who fail to meet Academy expectations will be subject to sanctions.

Most uniform issues are based around footwear, hooded jumpers, jewellery, and incorrect PE kit. Please click here to view further information regarding the correct Academy uniform. All students will receive a reminder of our standards and expectations from their Head of Year, along with form tutors conducting daily checks.

We will also be reinforcing our stance on mobile phones and earphones. These should not be visible in the Academy and if seen will be confiscated, requiring families to collect them from Reception. These items cause a distraction and pose a safeguarding risk, particularly if students are accessing the internet or taking photos/videos.

We would be grateful if, over the next week, families could ensure that any uniform issues are addressed and rectified. Please do not hesitate to contact your child’s Form Tutor if you require additional support or have any questions.

During these unprecedented times, the Academy would like to thank you for your continuous support, and we are extremely proud of those students who uphold our standards with pride. The Academy will be writing to you again in July to confirm September 2021 uniform standards.
Yours sincerely
Mr D Irish

Mrs K Bates
Head of Pastoral

View full copy of letter here

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