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Face Coverings in the Academy – update

Dear Families,
You will no doubt have seen the change in government guidance in relation to face coverings being worn in schools. We have been working with Shireland Collegiate Academy Trust to develop our approach in response to the guidance. The information below is what we will expect from students, staff and visitors to
the Academy.

Guidance on the Wearing Face Coverings for Staff and Students and Visitors
The government have recently changed their advice on wearing face coverings in schools, following advice from the World Health Organisation (WHO). The current advice is that wearing face coverings in schools is only mandatory in areas where a local lockdown is being enforced. In this instance face coverings must be worn in communal areas such as corridors but not worn in classrooms.

In response to this change in guidance and the fact that many of our schools’ border areas that are on government watch lists we are going to make the following changes to our procedures at our Nursery, Primary and Secondary schools.

It must be noted that wearing face coverings does not reduce the requirement to socially distance from others and we will still expect staff and students to follow all the appropriate guidance on social distancing.

Our Approach
All visitors to our Academies must wear a mask or face covering at all times. We do not intend to enforce the use of face coverings, however as our first concern is always the wellbeing of our staff and students and as such we are making the use of face covering optional for both staff and students in the following instances;

• When moving in areas where the 2 metre distancing rules cannot be applied, such as corridors’
• If moving outside of bubbles for staff such as, meeting families/visitors or tending to an unwell student

Where staff or students choose to wear a face covering it should be professional in appearance.

The following points must be adhered to by students;

• Wearing face masks is not compulsory unless local lockdown arrangements are placed upon the school by PHE, the Local Authority or central Government.
• If students wish to wear a face covering in communal areas, parents must show their child how to put masks on and remove masks safely. Students may wear appropriate face coverings in corridors, dining room and toilets.
• Students must remove face masks before entering classrooms as per government guidance.
• Students must remove face coverings if requested to do so by any member of staff.
• Students must have appropriate storage for their masks when they are not being worn.
• Masks must be removed from the face when not being worn and not tucked under the chin.
• Students must wear masks on all public transport to and from the Academy.
Thank you for your support with this issue.

Please view official letter by clicking on this link


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