All our students access a wide range of opportunities to develop their skills, qualities and attributes to make them stand out from the rest on application to university and/or employment. Our Enrichment Programme is an integral part of the experience for our Sixth Form students.

‘Futures’ Programme

All our students complete our ‘Futures’ Programme, which focuses on helping support students as they explore possible career pathways. Students attend a weekly lesson, during which time they complete a variety of activities in order to better understand themselves, including strengths and areas of development, as well as understanding the world of work and managing their own career plans.

Futures lessons include profiling different career pathways, e.g. universities, colleges, voluntary sector, Gap Year, apprenticeships.

Guest speaker session – students gain an opportunity to ask employers in different sectors about their occupations.

Students attend Sixth Form organized events, e.g. Careers and Skills Show in the NEC.

Students begin to apply for work experience.

Alumni workshops – former students offer an insight into how to be successful at Sixth Form.

Students attend organized events such as UCAS convention, apprenticeship shows.

Summer Term Students complete Work experience week. Students start to register with UCAS. All students attend a University Open Day, e.g. University of Oxford, University of Worcester, University of Birmingham, University of Gloucestershire, Birmingham City University.

Students attend a Personal Statement Conference, which in 2019 was attended by over 27 guests from local universities, colleges and companies.

All students attend Mock Interview Day, which gives students a great chance of learning how to promote themselves in this formal setting.

Year 13 students apply to UCAS and receive guidance from tutors, subject teachers, the Sixth Form team and mentors.

Students complete the UCAS application and confirm place offers.

Students follow a PSHE programme which focuses on preparing students for ‘Life in the Wider World’.

Students receive support and guidance on completing financial applications for university, as well as apprenticeship & employment applications.

Students attend the A Level Results Day in August where the Sixth Form Team is on hand to help students confirm their university applications, go through adjustment or clearing.

Professional Pathways

Unique to Shireland Sixth Form is the Professional Pathways.

The current pathways are:


Finance and Accountancy



Students attend externally organized events about their career sector, as well as workshops, careers talks, presentations and work experience; all of which are designed to help them develop plenty of evidence for their personal statements.

Transferable Skills Programme

In order to be academically successful, students need to understand how to study at Sixth Form level. They complete a Transferable Skills Programme during their tutor time, focusing on such topics as effective time management, good organisational skills, effective note-taking, becoming IT literate, developing resilience and responding effectively to feedback.


Young Enterprise

Duke of Edinburgh

Theatre School

Recreational Sport

Voluntary Programme

E-tech Employment (hardware and software development)

World Languages

Green Power Racing Car Project

Scratch Coding Club

Chess Club

Wellness Club

There are also Saturday clubs, hosted in the school, which students can access and include:


Multi Sports

Street Cricket

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