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Shireland Collegiate Academy Launches L4L Podcast Series with Exclusive Interview Featuring Local MP John Spellar

Shireland Collegiate Academy proudly announced the launch of its highly anticipated L4L podcast series, an innovative initiative aimed at enriching student learning and fostering community engagement.  

Led by a dedicated group of year 7 and 8 students, the Academy’s ‘L4L Podcast Club’ have diligently curated a library of audio clips, interviews, student showcases, and explanations of key concepts and themes prevalent to the school’s Literacy for Life curriculum. 

Although previously exclusive to Academy students, the series’ much-anticipated launch opens the podcast to a wider audience, marking a significant milestone in its development.  

Centred around the theme of ‘Citizen Me’, the debut episode serves as a platform for students to explore their roles in British society, the importance of law, democracy, and celebrating the diverse nature of the community. It also provides young people with the opportunity to engage with pressing local issues.  

A highlight of the episode featured an exclusive interview with local MP John Spellar, who shared his insights on the role of politics in society and emphasised the importance of community engagement. The Academy’s podcast club students demonstrated high standards of preparation and interviewing skills as they recorded and conducted the episode.  

Moreover, students from the school seized the opportunity to pose questions to Mr Spellar, allowing them the valuable opportunity to have their voices heard by an experienced politician.  

The episode culminated in a spirited debate featuring members of the Academy’s Debate Mate team engaging with Mr Spellar on the proposition of integrating politics into secondary education as a compulsory subject. 

The impassioned and articulate exchange between students and a seasoned political figure was inspiring, showcasing the Academy’s commitment to fostering critical thinking and civic responsibility amongst its students.  

Ahead of the podcast’s next episode, Shireland Collegiate Academy warmly welcomes and invites listeners to tune in. Audiences can access the podcast and its latest episode, ‘Citizen Me’, by clicking here.  



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