Year 7 open evening – Tuesday 27 September 2022, 4:30pm-8pm


Students and Families

Each year group comes together in our 300-seat auditorium for a weekly assembly led by a senior member of staff. The topics discussed in these assemblies range from international events to embedding themes covered in PHSE and Personal Development sessions.

Assembly timetable

Year 10Sixth FormYear 9/Year 7Year 8Year 11
1Welcome back
2Leading Learning/Promoting Cohesion
3Be Concerned For Everyone: Road Safety  
4Be Concerned For Everyone: Internet Safety  
5Be Concerned For Everyone: Mental Health Week  
6Aim Higher- Personal Best and Goal Setting  
7International Women’s Day  
1Welcome Back/National Careers Week  
2Promotion Cohesion  
3Leading Learning: British Science Week  
4Be Concerned For Everyone: LGBTQIA  
6Rewards Assembly
1Leading Learning
2Be Concerned For Everyone: Basic First Aid- World Asthma Day   
3Aim Higher: The Importance of Sleep  
4Be Concerned For Everyone: World Environment Day  
5National Numeracy Day  
1Internet Safety  
2Promoting Cohesion: Elimination of Discrimination  
3British Values  
4Aim Higher: National School Sports Week  
5Be Concerned For Everyone: Safeguarding FGM & Summer Safety  
6Rewards Assembly