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Christmas Closure 2020

Dear Family,
I hope that you are well and that the terrible circumstances that we are all having to deal with have had as little effect on your family as possible. These are difficult times and I am extremely grateful for the support that you have given to our staff across all of the schools. This is however not a time to relax in our efforts to manage this virus and so please continue to be vigilant in all that you do. Please socially distance, wear your mask and obviously keep washing your hands and we will win!

The Government have confirmed that academies can end the term a day early on Thursday, 17 December. This means that our staff get the time off that they need and deserve over the holidays.
As a Trust we have therefore decided that ALL of our schools will close to students on Thursday 17 December at the end of the day and remain closed until Monday 4 January 2021. Friday 18 December will be a professional development day for all of our staff.

How to report COVID-19 cases during the school holidays:

  • If your child develops symptoms within 48 hours of being in school:
    • For example: your child develops symptoms on Thursday 17, Friday 18 or Saturday 19 December.
    • Contact us on covid@shirelandcat.net – this will also be on the banner at the top of each school’s website. When you email, you must tell us:
      ▪ Your name and your child’s name
      ▪ School
      ▪ Year group
      ▪ Date symptoms started/date of positive test (if your child has had one)
  • If your child develops symptoms more than 48 hours since being in school:
    • For example: your child develops symptoms on Tuesday 22 December.
    • Follow contact tracing instructions provided by NHS Test and Trace.
    • Contact the school on Monday 4 January to inform them of your child’s absence due to self isolation.

From everyone at the Trust, I would like to wish you a very happy Christmas. I hope you all enjoy the Christmas break and come back in January ready to take on 2021.
Yours sincerely,
Sir Mark Grundy


View official copy of letter here

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