Each year group comes together in our 300-seat auditorium for a weekly assembly led by a senior member of staff. The topics discussed in these assemblies range from international events to embedding themes covered in PHSE and Personal Development sessions.

Assembly timetable

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Year 10 Sixth Form Year 9/Year 7 Year 8 Year 11
Week Theme
1 Welcome back
2 Leading Learning/Promoting Cohesion
3 Be Concerned For Everyone: Road Safety  
4 Be Concerned For Everyone: Internet Safety  
5 Be Concerned For Everyone: Mental Health Week  
6 Aim Higher- Personal Best and Goal Setting  
7 International Women’s Day  
Week Theme
1 Welcome Back/National Careers Week  
2 Promotion Cohesion  
3 Leading Learning: British Science Week  
4 Be Concerned For Everyone: LGBTQIA  
5 Eid/Ramadan   
6 Rewards Assembly
Week Theme
1 Leading Learning
2 Be Concerned For Everyone: Basic First Aid- World Asthma Day   
3 Aim Higher: The Importance of Sleep  
4 Be Concerned For Everyone: World Environment Day  
5 National Numeracy Day  
Week Theme
1 Internet Safety  
2 Promoting Cohesion: Elimination of Discrimination  
3 British Values  
4 Aim Higher: National School Sports Week  
5 Be Concerned For Everyone: Safeguarding FGM & Summer Safety  
6 Rewards Assembly