Behaviour Management Services

The Academy

At Shireland, exceptionally high standards of behaviour are driven by the non-teaching Behaviour Management Services (BMS) team led by the Assistant Principal for behaviour.

Our approach is driven by the following core principles

  • We have very high expectations of all of our students – they know and appreciate their education and the opportunities they receive at Shireland are dependent on them consistently meeting our expectations.
  • Teachers need to be able to teach free of disruption in order to maximise student learning.
  • Our staff should endeavour to build excellent professional relationships with all our students and their families to support their academic and holistic development.

The BMS team supports outstanding behaviour across the academy in the following key areas

  • Immediate availability of dedicated staff to respond to both students and staff in their desire to deliver uninterrupted lessons.
  • Immediate communication to families on the outcomes of incidents or queries to ensure that matters are dealt with swiftly and fairly.
  • Consistent staffing on duty at the beginning of the day, break, lunch and the end of the day to ensure a consistent approach to behaviour management and recognisable faces to support students.
  • They run interventions to support students to meet the high standards of behaviour that are expected at all times at Shireland. This will occasionally mean liaising  with other departments within the Academy but also agencies outside such as community mentoring.

The BMS’ approach guarantees consistency for all stakeholders and is a key contributing factor to the superb behaviour and attitudes our students routinely display, both inside and outside the academy.